"Gving you the company you need, while achieving your goals."

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Welcome to the Company! We have professional leaders and a friendly community,. Our clan is unique because we actually care about the community unlike most large clans out there, we will pay attention to each member for their individual needs and try to see them fit. We would never apply things that may be harmful to clan mates or impact the clan in a negative way. What do you have to lose?
Please contact any of the admin team if you are interested in joining!

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Zhyroth Zhyroth Propietario
347 347 347 347 General
2howtek 2howtek General
99BC 99BC General
Erey Erey General
Streekmulle Streekmulle General
Mini Erey Mini Erey General
Mr Finger 11 Mr Finger 11 Capitán
TrippyColors TrippyColors Teniente
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