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Criminal Intentions

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Welcome to Criminal Intentions.

| About Us |
Our clan started as five friends who couldn't find the right fit within the clans of Runescape. We created a clan that wasn't too serious about game progression, rules and how many hours a day you play. We wanted a place that we could find likeminded friends and enjoy the game rather than feel the pressure and friction you can get in other clans. We so far have been successful and we are proud to have created the clan we always wanted and know others are looking for.

| Why us? |
-» Free-for-all clan community where your voice is heard.
-»  Most clan decisions are made by voting.
-» Versatile events such as PvM, skilling, minigames and more!
-» Relaxed clan environment with no mandatory requirements.
-* Competitions that take place weekly with worthwhile prizes!

| How To Join |
-» Join our Clan Chat in-game,''Criminal Intentions''.
-» Join our Discord server, /eCE7f5236C
-* Check out the forum below.

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