Crucified Angelz

Crucified Angelz

"#thecomeup, #beastmode, #fearnothing, @proudtobehere."

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Welcome to Elevated Fury! We are a clan focused on friendly, mature interactions between all members. Our main goal is for players to enjoy their time on Runescape, so we believe nothing should be mandatory when you're in a clan. Any events, and capping at the citadel, are done upon your own will. We strictly prefer, All members of the clan to act in a mature and friendly way, regardless of your age. We do welcome suggestions from any member, as this is our clan. Suggestions should be within reasoning, all will be considered in accordance to already existing features. Everyones opinion matters here

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Eventos de clan
Tipo Descripción Mundo Fecha/hora
JvM - Jefe 123 05-02-15 23:30
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Autor Título del hilo Fecha
Vile Prayers ¤ Elevated Fury ¤ 30-ene-2015 03:35
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