Deadly Royals

Deadly Royals

"yum yum we suck our ***** or if not a boy we share"

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Welcome to Deadly Royals!

Our Rules:
~ NO flaming
~ NO spamming/advertising for other clans, or websites
~ NO being disrespectful to your other clan mates
~ NO begging
~ NO scamming
~ NO asking for ranks

If these rules are broken, then you will be given one more chance. After the second chance, you will be immediatly kicked and banned perminantly from the clan.

furthermore,if you have any complaints or suggestions,please write to us in our forum.

**Please Note: Deadly Royals is a MATURE clan and may contain some profanity while chatting. However, Profanity is DISCOURAGED and if too uncontrolled, then action will be taken to correct the problem.

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[#0JDN4GRZT] [#0JDN4GRZT] Sargento
[#T34PX63SH] [#T34PX63SH] Recluta
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Therealwar Therealwar Recluta
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Fiesta 50 30-07-11 11:00
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[#0JDN4GRZT] Welcome 18-ago-2011 07:36
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