Debauchery TheLegion

Debauchery TheLegion

"PVP: We Clean People Like It's a Sport! (Staking) - (Pking)"

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(Main Information)

- We are a clan made up of Pures, Stakers, Skillers, or high lvl mains can be an exception.

- Also no worries as this clan will never be disbanded.

- This is clan is mainly meant for "PVP" (Such as Pking & Staking)

- Skillers & Mains are free to represent showing theirs skills or Building on the Citadel.

- Nobody is force to build on the Citadel at all, that's strictly pro choice. If you chose to honor you clan in doing so well then let me know & you may get some rank for that.


- You may get ranked up in several ways listed below.

- Building on the clan Citadel.

- Participating in "Clan Pking Events" (Doesn't have to be "Red Portal" or "Wilderness" The "White Portal" is welcome too.)

- Showing Stakes won in a row, "Friendlies Don't Count!"

(Other Information)

- This clan really isn't about "PVM" but your welcome to do so.

- If you're afraid to lose your money or items by dying during "PVP" This clan may not be for you

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