"Defend By Day, Defend By Night, Defend All Of Gielinor With Your Might!"

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Hey there! Welcome to the homepage for Gielinor's finest fighting force...


You may have stumbled across this page by mistake, or you may have seen us on the forums. Whatever the reason, you've come to the page for a great and successful clan since 2011! Our clans homeworld is world 103. I can guarantee that if you were to log into there, you would run into a fellow clan mate! You might be asking yourself "What does this clan do?" A better question is "What DOESN'T  this clan do?" The truth is, we do a bit of everything! Skilling, pvm, minigames, you name it! We accept anyone, as long as they are P2P and meet our minimal 2000+ total level requirement, or have 120+ combat. So message us in game or join our clan as a guest! You'll meet new friends that will last a lifetime, and have an absolute blast! Hope to see you soon!

~High King Patrick.

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King Patrick King Patrick Propietario
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BlueElephant BlueElephant Administrador
Sindrah Sindrah Administrador
Astropedia Astropedia Administrador
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