Distasteful Losers

Distasteful Losers

"Just a bunch of misfits navigating life together. "

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We are the DISTASTEFUL LOSERS and we like it that way!

Growing social/PvM clan looking to build both a helpful and fun community.
Our Clan features:

PvM/Bossing Events
Clan Lotteries
Citadel Group Capping
Skilling Parties
And much more!

Add our owner on Discord if you have any questions or you'd like an invite.
Happy scaping.


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Jxnnifer Jxnnifer Propietario
Satanic Juju Satanic Juju Supervisor
Fencer137 Fencer137 Administrador
Mark-G313 Mark-G313 Administrador
IronChasin IronChasin Administrador
Don Panini Don Panini General
Poopjr96 Poopjr96 Capitán
AngelOfEvilx AngelOfEvilx Capitán
frizzfreak99 frizzfreak99 Teniente
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