"Humor brings insight and tolerance"

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Welcome To The Clan EXPS =)

Our Home World Is 26, We are a friendly and sociable clan. Trying to rebuild as was once a big clan before we all took a break.

We are friendly and enjoyable people, Very relaxed and just want to have abit of fun whilst playing RS. We can arrange events within the clan depending on what people would like to do.

There are no real requirements just would like everyone to help keep up the Citadel.
We Don't agree with any sort of scamming or luring so please don't come into the clan planning on doing that.
Must be an active clan member, willing to take part in our events and cap at our Clan Citadel.

Rankings will be based on total XP you earn within the clan.

Recruit - 0 xp
Corporal - 5m xp
Sergeant - 20m xp
Lieutenant - 40m xp
Captain - 65m xp
General -  100m xp

Admin+ is given by Deputy Owners and Owner.

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Evento de clan - Recolección de recursos de clan 26 06-07-14 18:00
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