False PvM

False PvM

"Do you smoke the joint, or does the joint smoke you?"

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False PvM is a new, upcoming clan with achievable goals through commitment and hard work. We cater for in-game activities such as PvM/Social/Citadel/Skilling/PvP. We also offer quest help, skilling method help and general help for everything related to Runescape. We're a fun clan to be apart of but serious when necessary. We have experienced leaders that are willing to take this clan all the way so give us a shot and join us today.

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D A E D A E Propietario
Co2s Co2s Propietario adjunto
Iron Co2 Iron Co2 Supervisor
Boterk0ekje Boterk0ekje Coordinador
RawT0asty RawT0asty Administrador
Alpha Shaun Alpha Shaun General
Tiny Rev Tiny Rev Teniente
paxbritanica paxbritanica Teniente
Fo6 Fo6 Teniente
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