Hohokam Phoenix

Hohokam Phoenix

"Sith don't kill rats-- we have droids for that."

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I got tired of being in clans with outrageous needs and power hungry people themselves, So I decided to make my own. We are White Fire, a friendly clan where people can help out by capping in the citadel for free exp, or sit, talk and enjoy themselves. Its member and free to play as well. I do not care whether you are an experienced player, or a player fresh out of the waters, you will all be treated the same. However there are a small amount of rules, and here they are. :

1. All Runescape rules apply to the clan.
2. Three Strike Rule, If you don't abide by the rules of Runescape, or of the clan, you have three chances to clean up your act.
3.  Have fun, I would love everybody to talk and make friends, as that is the big goal in White Fire.
4. Cap when you can, because free xp is amazing for all members, and I want to see us all work together.


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