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Ice Legion

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Ice Legion, is a new and loyal community of players. We are always open to expand our clan, and welcome players into our family. We want to encourage each other to achieve goals such as: first boss kill, maxing and/or getting their first 99.

We are a fairly new clan trying to grow and welcome others openly. Our clan has no requirements other than being active and wanting to have fun.
-Clan Details-
» Clan Chat: Ice Legion
* Citadel : Work in progress
» Home World: 64
-Who we are-
» A friendly active social/PVM clan.
» We value all members, as new friends!
» A community of experienced players, always willing to help.
» Acceptance of all types of players.
-About Us-
A clan founded in July of 2018. Our purpose is to help fellow members socialize and have fun whilst playing the game we all enjoy. We host many weekly activities such as bossing, skilling, and minigame play. We enjoy diversity and will not tolerate any hateful forms of communication.

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