"Wazzup, chat, skill, kill dragons, have fun, drop parties, games, citadel, happy"

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Our clan is about everyone helping each other and teaching each other useful skills, such as how to train, merch, pvp, and more. We have a friendly environment and everyone is valuable to our growing team. We treat each other with respect and no disloyal beggars are allowed in the clan. Everyone has self integrity and will make their own adventure and fortunes with the help of others. We do have a citadel, and prefer that you help out with it. We also love to have fun, such as having parties, and games such as capture the flag. We also like to team up and fight monsters, gods, dragons, and other bosses. We especially like to fight the king black dragon. Overall, we chat, have fun, tell jokes, make friends, and just be happy. Good luck and welcome clan!

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cool rockboy cool rockboy Coordinador
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Tro Jan Tro Jan Teniente
NikeNation NikeNation Sargento
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