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Hello everyone!   As leaders of Wings 0f Freedom, we extend a genuine welcome to all.  Like many aspiring clan leaders in Runescape, we have decided to start this clan to closely fit an ideal. This is to create an atmosphere that is drama-free, fun, respectful,  just, supportive, and unwavering.

With that being stated, we are seeking a few good people who are mature, dedicated, loyal, fun-loving and desire hours of relaxation, whenever the need arises. Run! Escape! from the daily routines in real life and soar on dragon wings.

We have neither minimum requirements, nor mandatory events; however, we are in search of p2p only.  We invite guests into our clan chat and we encourage all visitors to kick off your shoes, get acquainted with our core leaders and interact with our friendly members.

Yes, we have a citadel, which we affectionately call our home in the sky.  In less than a month, we have begun constructing Tier 3 and have our first avatar.

Happy  'Scaping, Everyone!!

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o0 ASUNA 0o o0 ASUNA 0o Propietario
Eragon N2 Eragon N2 Propietario adjunto
WOF nobama WOF nobama Propietario adjunto
WoF Nogare WoF Nogare Propietario adjunto
Thuvia Thuvia Administrador
Fire Go Max Fire Go Max Administrador
Nobama3 Nobama3 General
[#BI81ZKW4O] [#BI81ZKW4O] General
ctownkld ctownkld Capitán
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Fiesta 82 31-05-14 17:00
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Uncle Marine Application 27-abr-2014 09:47
Trollicious dung squad 23-mar-2014 02:04
Barbie Heart Soar on dragon wings!! 24-feb-2014 15:01
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