"Reviving Kingdom again since my return! Welcome :)"

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Are you a skiller? Or maybe a cold-blooded killer? Or just a passing adventurer looking for a nice place to drop in? Well, be it any,  you have come to the right place. Welcome  to our Kingdom,  where we skill or kill as we desire! We have  PvM, Skillers and PvP'ers alike. We may not be the best but we strive for the best.

Kingdom is a community clan catering to different players from all over the world! A nice, friendly, mature, chilled out and drama free atmosphere makes sure that each and everyone is respected, be it a guest visiting our clan or a member. Our aim is to enhance the quality of community on here and make sure everyone is treated with respect.

Please visit the Clan Chat for information on joining. I also invite you to guest on our clan to make some friends. Everyone's welcomed.

*We have our TS channel and FB page page as well*

[King]- Owner
[Papa] - Co-Owner
[Llonel] - Co-Owner

Respect is earned, loyalty is returned.  Join us today!

- King.

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King King Propietario
LlONEL LlONEL Propietario adjunto
Papa Papa Propietario adjunto
Wangdu Wangdu Supervisor
L una L una Coordinador
Sonam Wangdu Sonam Wangdu Coordinador
Solaris Solaris Organizador
Beni Boy Beni Boy Organizador
Ice Princess Ice Princess Administrador
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