Korian Legion

Korian Legion

"Vivere disce, cogita mori."

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Welcome to the Korian Legion clan page. We are a new guild focused on skilling primarily. We also are quite good with money making and some bossing. We operate on UTC/In game Time. Our home world(s) for P2P is 1 and F2P is 7.

We recruit anyone who just wants to have some fun and be a bit social while helping build up a citadel. So come on in and hit up any of our higher ranking members to get an invite.
The QFC for our recruitment thread is: 290-291-17-65689249

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Seren Guard Seren Guard Propietario
DeathyX DeathyX Propietario adjunto
Adungeongirl Adungeongirl Propietario adjunto
A Old Player A Old Player Supervisor
xGuy88x xGuy88x Supervisor
Mr Beast 6k Mr Beast 6k Coordinador
TheR0manKing TheR0manKing Organizador
SkilledTrade SkilledTrade Administrador
Nu illa Nu illa General
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Seren Guard Quick Info 03-nov-2015 03:22
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