Order of DarkFate

Order of DarkFate

"Join the Order of DarkFate, choose your Fate, Choose DarkFate!"

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The Order of DarkFate is a very open clan, all levels are welcomed and all are treated as equal! NOONE will recieve special treatment, and all rules apply to every member.
We are currently establishing branches of the clan, ppl to handle certain areas on clan activity.

Join us, show your loyalty to the clan, and be faithful to the order! are sure to go far.
 (see forums for clan rules and regulations)

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XandrosMagni XandrosMagni Propietario
[#LP0IHOQDV] [#LP0IHOQDV] Propietario adjunto
[#R71JDWX19] [#R71JDWX19] Supervisor
[#9YCDA4DB3] [#9YCDA4DB3] Administrador
zachwovas zachwovas General
[#6OJYQ4EM2] [#6OJYQ4EM2] General
[#IN3A8GPIZ] [#IN3A8GPIZ] Capitán
[#DY0AUSB6X] [#DY0AUSB6X] Teniente
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Actividades - Guerra de clanes 50 24-06-11 14:00
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