"phat cats with phat stats. Looking for teams for Kerapac, Raksha, and Vorago."

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So you're in Phatscape. Why else would you be here?

Here's what you can expect out of the clan:

-You'll always have someone to talk to.
        When you put something in the chat, someone's gonna respond.

-You'll always have someone to boss with.
        There are like three of us who don't PvM. Tops.

Nothing more, nothing less. You can cap if you want to (you can leave your friends behind), But there's no additional reward for it aside from the xp. Ranks are determined by the xp you've gained while in the clan. The only real reason we'll kick you is if enough people think you're a ****. Just don't be a ****.

Also, ask about our Teamspeak. Or don't.

Corporal - 5M xp
Sergeant - 10M xp
Lieutenant - 25M xp
Captain - 75M xp
General - 150M xp
Admin+ - We're not too picky. If you want the Ava when we have one, just ask.

RECOMMENDATIONS (Not required, but you'll find a team much easier if you have them.)
126+ Combat
Overloads and Yak
T85+ Weapons

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