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Welcome! This is the official clan page of Primary!  We are a casual, PvM, and skill based clan.  1500 Total level or 120+ Combat preferred. Does not apply to skillers.  We use Google Sheets, a similar program to Microsoft excel, to organize the clan rankings and point system.  We pride ourselves on our organizations and fairness within the clan.

Clan ranks are earned from:
1. Capping weekly
2. Recruiting
3. XP earned while in the clan

A simple point system was created and each action earned a different amount of points towards the next rank.  Message Im So Savage in game or join Primary guest clan chat to talk to us. =)

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LunarisAlt LunarisAlt Propietario
Im So Nice Im So Nice Propietario adjunto
PrimaryOwner PrimaryOwner Supervisor
2Trill 2Trill Supervisor
3 Trill 3 Trill Administrador
Khrome Khrome Administrador
Rustyleader Rustyleader Administrador
Revohlution Revohlution Administrador
Da Next Mage Da Next Mage Administrador
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Reunión 64 11-07-16 06:00
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