"Reuniting old friends with new."

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Established on 25th November 2017 when a small group of former clan mates decided to reunite after some years apart. We were missing the family feeling that a lot of clans lack and we aim to provide a friendly, fun atmosphere where our members feel included and can play the game while skilling, killing and enjoying good company.

Feel free to guest in our clan chat REUNIFY to see if we might be the perfect clan for you.

Clan Details:
* Clan Chat:Reunify
* Home World: 70

We can offer you:
* A friendly active community-based clan
* Dedicated and friendly leaders
* No mandatory capping/events
* Discord on request

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Justin831 Justin831 Propietario
HealerBTW HealerBTW General
Cola Fanta3 Cola Fanta3 General
Nanatzuno Nanatzuno General
TuVo TuVo Cabo
Dat Spark Dat Spark Cabo
Xesty Xesty Cabo
Pi_Piper Pi_Piper Cabo
Six7Cummins Six7Cummins Recluta
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