Seraphics Crew

Seraphics Crew

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The Seraphics crew are an online gaming clan playing and enjoying the mythical land of runescape. We are a Pking clan set up to secure the west side of W57 - W136 - W10  wilderness.

We wanted to move away from the bsing type clans and make a clan that everyone can enjoy and contribute to. We have lots of activity’s from pvp wars to duel tournaments to clan crushing. We are always on the look out for new ideas and tips that could help our members.

Please feel free to join us and be part of some thing big.

I also sell out ranks:
Corporal:5k advance from recruit
Sargeant:10k advance from Corporal
Lieutenant:15k advance from Sargeant
Captain:20K advance from Lt
General:40k advance form capt.
Instant admin:300K instant
instant Deputy:550k instant

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