Shroud Of Darkness

Shroud Of Darkness

"Tonight We Hunt ! Cb lvl 100+ or Total Level 1000+"

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Greeting And Welcome To Feral Scream Clan ! A Place Where any member on the clan can utilize the most benefits from the clan Events,Skilling Help ,Minigames ,Quest Help And all other inquiries.

To Keep The Clan Clean And Safe Here Are The Rules To Be Followed By Each Member !
Don't Spam
Spamming is probably one of the worst things you can do. Spamming anything that related to RuleBreaking/Harassment/RandomText, will earn you an instant ban.
On the rare occasions we do allow it, is only if a level up is achieved.

Discussing Rule Breaking (RWT/Botting/Etc.)
Talking about Botting, RealWorldTrading, Scamming, or using Offensive Language can get you kicked! It doesn't matter whether the comments are in a negative or positive way, its still not worth talking about.

Respect Ranks
Not only should you respect your clan mates but an equal, if not higher, respect for our ranks.

Take Fights Out Of The Clan Chat
If there's ever a problem between two players, it's strongly advised that you keep

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[#9FTZF6TRD] [#9FTZF6TRD] Propietario
RangeIIGODII RangeIIGODII Administrador
Dl 911 Dl 911 General
XxRobbyxX XxRobbyxX Capitán
BigCountry95 BigCountry95 Capitán
[#OCOZI5A3Y] [#OCOZI5A3Y] Capitán
N0 Friendz N0 Friendz Teniente
[#9R5727LCQ] [#9R5727LCQ] Teniente
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