Sweat Shack

Sweat Shack

"Strength through unity, unity through transparency. Transparency through trust."

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Welcome to our clan. Our roots are steeped in tradition, originally known as Pro S Only, we are a veteran PvM clan that has been fighting bosses for over a decade. If you are looking for a clan to find good PvM teams while enjoying the game in a respectable helpful atmosphere, then we are the perfect clan for you! Feel free to pm any Coordinator+ if you have any questions.
We hope to see you soon!
We offer:
- Experienced PvM Teams
- Friendly Veteran Players
- An active Discord server
- PvM Learning Trips
For more information: Clan QFC: 92-93-701-66177984

You can find us:
Guest in our clan chat or private message any of our admins.
Active Discord server:

Clan Chat: Sweat Shack

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Elfee Welcome! 23-may-2021 17:35
Elfee Welcome to our clan 20-abr-2021 23:38
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