"Feel free to Join as a guest, Mature, skilling and bossing :)"

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Welcome to The Gielinor Brotherhood

Ever since the founding of this community, we have strived for success. Success is the result of hard work, loyalty, and persistence. In order to attain success, every member is needed - including you.

Our community exists of all kinds of players - skillers and killers, young and old, council members and recruits... A community for players alike. Our citadel and events are the foundation of our clan. Might you find these things appealing to participate in, feel free to hop in our Clan Chat and see what's going on at the moment.

In the case you're interested in joining T G B, you can either join by getting in contact with any member of the clan in game, theres always someone online happy to welcome you in!

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Aitua12 Aitua12 Propietario
[#V9X28GJJY] [#V9X28GJJY] Administrador
King-Corey King-Corey Capitán
valoskillz valoskillz Teniente
Red Mirinda Red Mirinda Teniente
FrogmanBro FrogmanBro Teniente
Mr Ric Mr Ric Sargento
Brentton40 Brentton40 Sargento
Rottdane Rottdane Cabo
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Jamie x Clan Rules 16-abr-2015 16:32
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