The Dark Throne

The Dark Throne

"Dead and gone. Get in contact with: Blackraid"

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The Dark Empire Begins Here.......
1. All staff are required to cap. (capping is not mandatory)
2. Do not disrespect clan mates.
3. Do not ask for rank. (Rank can be earned from capping, recruiting, attending/participating in clan events, and helping out in clan chat by assisting and answering questions.)
4. Council meetings will be held once a week in clan citadel.
5. No Drama!!!!
6 If you need help just ask.
7. If you have problems with another clan mate or another player tell the clan staff. (clan staff is Organiser+)
8. No Poaching, or spamming in clan chat.
9. Please stay loyal to the clan if you can.
10. Have fun and enjoy the game.

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