The Royal Union

The Royal Union

"Skilling and PvM-focused clan, 1000 Total+"

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The Royal Union is a friendly non-elitist all-around clan that welcomes veterans and beginners alike. We aim to provide a tight-knit and warm atmosphere where all members feel like family.

As of right now there is no official requirement to join. We only ask that you attempt to participate within the clan when you are able.

   PM Cinerum for more info.

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Tenno Scoom Tenno Scoom Propietario
KitKat NA KitKat NA Administrador
Codex01 Codex01 General
o sanji o o sanji o General
Madam Magier Madam Magier General
WintWraith WintWraith General
Senno Tcoom Senno Tcoom General
Luckets_D Luckets_D General
Barlos67 Barlos67 General
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