World 11

World 11

"Come one, come all! Join us in our endeavour to have fun and make friends!"

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As you may already know, since the recent departure of Jmu from World 11, we are having to manage the clan out of proportion. Before he left, he assigned myself and A Tin Can999 to Deputy Owners. He also assigned Haylee6677 to Owner. Haylee, unfortunately, is rarely online, so if you ever need anything according to the clan, I and A Tin Can shall be there to help.
If you'd like to join, look around World 11 for a World 11 Clan Banner, and make sure you message [Compixels] or [A Tin Can999] for an invite.
To conclude, our clan is lively, with many members (almost succeeding 200!) of all nationalities, ages, people, and levels.
You saw correct, our clan offers places for even level 3s. We support each and every one of our members, if they of course follow the clan rules!
Make sure you help us out by staying in our clan.
When Jmu does return, however, it is said he may not be in our clan, but that is unconfirmed until further notice.



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Avimyers Avimyers Propietario
leeroy999 leeroy999 Organizador
kanaerie kanaerie Organizador
[#2DZY1OY52] [#2DZY1OY52] General
Harvatang Harvatang Capitán
JOConway17 JOConway17 Teniente
92rtr5oxclq 92rtr5oxclq Teniente
Milin70 Milin70 Sargento
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