Wrathful Purgers

Wrathful Purgers

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If you're wanting to join our clan then you can either:
1. Message any high rank to join
2. Join the clan as a guest.
3. Add other people that are in the clan.

About Us:
1. We are a Social clan at the moment.
2. We are friendly and multicultural.
3. Anyone can join - no skill requirements.
4. We allow P2P & F2P people to join.
5. Citadel work isn't required but is appreciated. (Helps with ranks)

1. No begging.
2. Have respect for your fellow clanmates.
3. No scamming.
4. Be honest.
5. Don't spam the chat.
6. Do not offend people.

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KneeSLapper KneeSLapper Propietario
skillpur420 skillpur420 Propietario adjunto
masterrr3000 masterrr3000 Supervisor
WizMac420 WizMac420 Supervisor
molywhopper9 molywhopper9 Administrador
Ford Man A Ford Man A General
Twistifyed Twistifyed General
Big-Hitz-420 Big-Hitz-420 Capitán
B 2 K B 2 K Capitán
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