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May Member 2019


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How’s it going, W42 (and sure, W41)?

Checking up to see how roleplaying has been treating everyone while we self-isolate and quarantine. Remember to reach out to your friends if they need someone to speak with or even get their mind away from the news, social media, dark places, while we all deal with the threat of COVID-19 in different ways, amongst many different regions of the world.

Grab a pal and log on to create stories if it helps, but more importantly, everyone stay safe and responsible!

Happy Roleplaying!
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28-Mar-2020 21:58:28

May Member 2020


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Absolutely devastated there's no forum drama in wake of increased activity.

...Unless nobody's returned to kill time during this once-in-a-lifetime event. Which would be even more sad.
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30-Mar-2020 02:33:51

Marshal Jor
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Marshal Jor

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Awesome thread and i am finally going to be back on RS after what i can only say has been a nasty past year of illness.
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30-Mar-2020 19:03:32

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