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For those looking for OSRS Roleplay, join my clan chat "Qazicon" which serves as the OSRS RP clan chat. From there you can network with fellow OSRS players seeking roleplay!

We are mostly old Runescape players who witnessed the nostalgic golden age of Runescape 2007 roleplay and wish to centralize a group who seeks the same company & experience of the past. We've just started to organize and will likely grow from word-of-mouth! Tell your friends who you used to roleplay with and we'll grow this OSRS Roleplay bit by bit. Even if we're small, we'll have a grand old time!

Feel free to message myself, Qazicon on this forum or better yet in-game for any additional information.

If interested in joining, please post below, join the clan chat, & add our members!

Clan Chat: Qazicon
Clan Name: OSRS RP


- Qazicon
- Sealwhite1
- fxx5
- ctth
- Kingofthewoo
- DavidTheWise
- First Cut
- Kroach
- Shadowsquidy
- Persik
- Cysan
- Tower Wizard
- Bumpy Skin
- Thief Dopey
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I greet you. I am known as Caldin, a follower of Armadyl. I hail from the far east, and am a jack of all trades. I seek to find a fellowship of people to spend my time with while in this land. (I play on mobile currently, dont know if that matters or not.)

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