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Best Quester Competition

Strawpoll - give us your opinion on the prizes and what, if anything, should be changed. Results collected at 12:00 gametime tomorrow (20th Mar)

Welcome, welcome! The Questival is just launching and we've got plenty going on!

This here is a forewarning of the Questing competition! This competition will run from 00:00 Game time Saturday 28th to 23:59 Sunday 29th March. That's the final weekend of Questival, and your last chance at getting The Prepared title!

To win this particular competition, all you need to do is get as many quest points as possible over the weekend! The account which has the most quest points gained will be declared the winner and will have one of these babies sent to them....

That's right - one real life Godsword will be sent to the account owner who gains the most quest points over the weekend! You will also be the sole owner of the title "Questival King/Questival Queen"!

Better get yourselves training!


1. How do I take part?
Just get questing! We'll find out the account which has earned the most quest points when the weekend ends.

2. How do I know if I've won?
We'll send an inbox message to the winner on March 30th, and announce them on this thread.

3. What if I've completed all the quests on my account?
You may want to take this as an early warning and start training up another account, so you're ready to take on a number of quests when the time comes.

4. Can I combine the quest points that I gained on this account, which the quest points gained on another account?
No - as we can't automatically link your accounts, you will only be measured on one account's successes.

5. Do I get anything if I don't win, but I take part?
Progress in life? Warm, fuzzy feelings inside?

Well, if you do the five quests required for the 200th Quest, you will receive "The Prepared" title!

Competition Terms and Conditions

Good luck, have fun!

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A new account is pretty much a must if you wish to win this good luck though.
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16-Mar-2015 14:42:00

Nexus Origin

Nexus Origin

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Sounds fun, but, like Dibi, I think I'm out on this one.

But on the bright side, the advance notice does give me the opportunity to stock up on required questing supplies to resell during the weekend for some nice profit. ;)

Good luck everyone! :)

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I'm lovin' it.

16-Mar-2015 21:55:27



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I got already max quest points, I don't want an account for quests. Next time better.
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17-Mar-2015 13:56:14

Leader Rob
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Leader Rob

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RemoveAlice said:
really not fair for quest cape owners. 11 days to get an account ready is not enough time :( !

Fully agree with alice, there will be a strategy for quests that give most points, to arrange the strategy as well as prepare the skills on a new account is completely unfair
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17-Mar-2015 14:06:57

Jojo Malzwei

Jojo Malzwei

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I fell like the Questmasters deserve the title by default. We allready completed all the Quests, so no need to proof that we are true Ultimate questers. Jojo - Still cannot decide who's better:

17-Mar-2015 14:21:14

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