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Active Clan -
We are a very active clan. We are constantly talking in clan chat and the clan discord!

Capping -
Capping is highly encouraged in this clan, though it is not mandatory. Capping can help you gain ranks within the clan.

Ranking System -
There are several ways you can rank up in the clan. In order to rank up you must follow all of the rules of Runescape and clan rules.
-Be active in clan chat and clan discord
-Cap often/every week
-Be helpful in Clan Chat and Clan Discord

Clan Rules -
All Jagex rules apply
Do not scam/lure/pk clan members
Be respectful in chats
No spamming chats
Speak to a leadership member if you have any issues with another member

Clan Leadership -
Owner: vGhosted

Kicking, Demotions and Mutes -
Kicking is reserved for serious or repeated offenses. Demotions/Mutes will happen if you do not follow minor rules.

Joining -
If you are interested in joining, please message “vGhosted” in game. You can also fill out this questionnaire and someone will contact you in-game:

Runescape Username:
Discord Username:
Additional information (optional):

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