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Welcome to Starless Night! We're a friendly, rather laid-back clan aiming to be a pleasant and safe place to chat and hang out, with some organized events to help us meet up and train together. Our cc is always open so come check us out and see if you're interested in joining.

We are looking for mature players of any age to join, whether you need some advice on training, or just some friendly faces to make it a little more enjoyable. As we are a skilling clan we do not do any pking activities, or allow people to discuss it in our cc. We prefer to better ourselves through helping one another.

We will also be doing combat oriented events, from training events to monster hunting, so there should be something for most anyone who would want to join us.

We currently have a minimum total level requirement of 1200 to join, which may be rising in the future. However, we are willing to let anyone join who can show they're interested in skilling and playing with us. If anyone has concerns, questions, or comments, please feel free to pm us or post on our discussion thread.

"If it has sharp pointy teeth, it must be adorable." - Saith Seren.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Rules & Application Template
3. Ranks
4. Clan Chat Rules
5. Skill Leaders
6. Members List
7. Announcements
8. Events
9. Member of the Month
10.PVP Policy

Page 2

11. Effigy Help
12. Effigy Help (cont..)
13. Road to Completion: Completionist Case Requirements
14. Road to Completion: Trimmed Completionist Case Requirements
15. Road to Completion: Group Events
16. Road to Completion: Champion Hunt
17. Road to Completion: Chompy Hunt
18. Leaders Invitation Template
19. Citadel Information
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We do not allow pking, or its discussion in our cc. That is to say, mentioning it is fine, but encouraging it or the related disrespectful attitude towards other players will not be tolerated.


Respect others. Don't argue in the cc, attack peoples beliefs, or make yourself a general nuisance.

No spam. Don't continually send pointless messages, or constant countdowns.

Listen to ranked. Their decisions are final, and they only need to give one warning.

Bump the threads. Help keep our threads alive with a bump every now and then, and keep any chat for the discussion thread.

No begging. Don't constantly pester people for loans, free stuff, or help. We want to play the game too.

We would like everyone to be reading our threads, to learn the events, times, and rules. Do not ask the same questions over and over when the information is clearly posted.

Be willing to help out your fellow clanmates. We're not asking for you to abandon all you love in the quest to please them. But lending a helping hand is an important thing for all of us to do at least once in a while.

Every member of the clan is required to have their adventure log turned on.

**For more specific clan chat conduct rules, see post 4**

Before you apply! Please come and try out our cc first, and see if you actually are interested.


Please remember our requirements are 1200+ total level, and to turn on your adventure log before you post this.

Runescape Name:
Country and Timezone:
Total Level:
Favourite Skill:
Least Favourite Skill:
Quest Points:
Did You Read The PVP Policy:


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Our rankings will be based on the cc ranks, and works as follows.

Skipper - Gold Key. These are our leaders, generally known for being rum swilling layabouts, and sticking their grubby fingers into just about everything going on in the clan. You can probably also blame them for the pirate nonsense.

Corsair - Silver Key. Some of our most tireless scallywags, they get to do all the work of the skipper, with only a third of the glory! And yet their feverish and blind dedication to the ship keeps them ever toiling on, wherever needed. Also the Skipper keeps the rum under lock and key, so best behavior!

Dread Pirate - Orange Ship Wheel. These rapscallions will be sailing both the forums and the cc, striking hard and fast at those who break rules, or who simply need some help with clan info. They may also be delving into the mysterious waters of adventure logs and monitoring clanmates PVP rankings, so watch out!

Skilling Menace- Nacho Star. Ever notice how some people just can** keep quiet about certain skills? They ramble about their true love, the ways to train, shouting out random facts all the time and endlessly proclaiming their devotion as the rest of our ears bleed from the noise. Well these menaces have a special place here, to recognize their helpful knowledge and ancient wisdom. And beware, this job may no longer be by application alone

Rum Monkey - 3 Bananas. Its exactly what you think it is. Also if you drink the rum youll be fired. Out of a cannon. At a shark.

Swabbie - 2 Banana. So you want to be an SNS pirate? Well this is where most people end up. Newly taken on board, and not yet fiendish enough to be trusted with the precious rum. Being helpful is not only an order, but vital to any rank growth.

Landlubbers - 1 Banana. The fresh meat as it were, new sailors with an aching thirst for plundering and yet absolutely no experience. Most of you will be fed to sharks or used as human shields during a raid. We do not apologize.


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Clan chats

Our friends chat name is Starless cc, and our official clan chat is Starless Night, both are open to any who want to join us, but please remember these rules:

Respect all members at all times.
-- if you have arguments/problems, take them to a ranked member instead of arguing. Arguers will be booted.

No tasteless jokes.
--this means nothing said specifically to start arguments or insult people.

No discussing pking or player killing mini games even safe ones.
-- doesn't mean the word is taboo. We don't encourage the activity, and anyone doing so will be removed.

No spamming.
-- this includes spelling things letter by letter, and repeated short messages when one line will do.

No bugging higher ups for rank, we decide when its time.
--this is a relaxed clan, and if rank means that much to you, then this probably isn't the place for you.

No play by plays of what you are doing. We consider it spam.
--again, we don't need to hear every time you kill one more monster in your task, or gain 1k more xp.

Friends are allowed to hang out in the cc.
--while we are allowing you to invite a friend or two to hang out, please remember they are subject to all our rules, and should read them first.

If a ranked member asks you to stop doing something, they mean it.
--state your case in private chat if you have a problem, or talk to a higher ranked if you feel you aren't being heard, but keeping it up will only get you booted.

You may be removed from cc at any time at our discretion.
--we prefer to warn people and get them chances to correct their own behavior, but we are here to enjoy the game, and if you are disrupting that don't expect leniency.


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Skilling Menace

This is a special rank for those who have achieved high levels in their chosen obsession and are interested in sharing this considerable knowledge. To apply for a position as Skilling Menace you must be at least a happy Rum Monkey, and have been an active and upstanding clan member. Remember that no rank or awesome personality is an automatic pass, all decisions will be a vote. The current minimum to apply is 80+ in your chosen skill, but we will now also be offering out this title to certain obsessive individuals....start yelling out your skill-love today!

As always on a ship of this sort, we cannot abide anything less than prates truly deranged by their love for a skill, and any such cases where another clanmate covets their position, a challenge will be the only response.

Please also remember we are looking for applications with some effort and thought put into them, not just 'I'm applying so give it to me'. We want you to show us you're genuinely interested in the role, and have some knowledge about it. (Please see application on Clan Home)

Menaces ye be!

Melee: First Master at Arms ~ Fang O Blood

Magic: Ignigena






Construction: Xanykins

Agility: Atomizing


Thieving: Lovely Knife

Crafting: SNS PT

Fletching: Pucky

Slayer: Lapitcka




Fishing: Anime Master


Firemake: Deadly Liquid

Farming: Angelina

Woodcutting: Creeper Phil

Divination: Mattrellen

Questing/PVM Bossing: Yuyut40

D and D: Dranacos II


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Member list:

Israel +8
Lambusy -- Swabbie

Romania +7
Tieru -- Swabbie

Germany EST +6
SNS PT -- Skipper, Pith Menace

Malta +6
Darkdarren7 -- Swabbie

The Netherlands +6
Evening End -- Swabbie
Nexely - Swabbie
Calm Koala -- Rum Monkey
Xan -- Corsair, Construction Menace

South Africa +6
Buchu -- AWOL

Atomizing -- Dread Pirate, Agility Menace
Deadly Liquid -- Firemake Menace
LuckyLukey-- Dungeoneering Menace
Ignigena -- Magic Menace
Lovely Knife -- Dread Pirate, Thief Menace
Master Anime --Fishing Menace
Mr Shibbee -- Rum Monkey
Pucky --Fletching Menace

Brazil +2
Mattrellen -- Divination Menace

America EST +0
Angelina -- Corsair, Farming Menace
Creepy Phil -- Dread Pirate, Woodcut Menace
Dranacos II --Dread Pirate, D &D Menace
Garison -- Rum Monkey
Lemon crime -- Swabbie
Mappy789 -- Swabbie
Naui -- Swabbie
Neat -- Swabbie
Nightbird -- Rum Monkey
Outsider157 --Swabbie
royce declan -- Swabbie
Slayer Time -- Corsair, Original Slayer Menace *AWOL*
Swordturkey -- Swabbie
Wily Corsair -- Rum Monkey
Yuyut40 -- Corsair, Questing Menace , Bossing Menace
Daddy Dead- Swabbie

Canada +0
Cap'* Pickles -- Founding Dragon/Skipper *AWOL*
ChiefBigBum -- Swabbie
Fang o Blood -- Combat Menace, Dread Pirate, Exsanguinarian, Assistant to King Magorno
King Magorno -- Dread Pirate, Public Relations?
Starless Nox --(also known as Badazz GAZ) Swabbie

America EST -2
ahriman567 -- Swabbie
Bookskdm -- Swabbie
Boltgod tg -- Swabbie
ByGoDTX -- Swabbie
Cry*lien -- *AWOL* Swabbie
Grmrefr -- Rum Monkey
Joe Walsh -- Swabbie
Kye-Lithndor -- Corsair
Lapitcka -- Slayer Menace
littleotis34 -- Swabbie
Loreca -- Swabbie
Lost Psalm -- Swabbie
Sco0tie -- Swabbie

America EST -4
Dyna -- Rum Monkey *AWOL*
Tuc09 -- Rum Monkey *AWOL*
Zambooki -- Swabbie

Canada PST -4
Doyens (of theology)-- Swabbie


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Prospective new members will be known as landlubbers during their first week or so in the clan. This position is for us both to get used to each other and decide if we're a good match.

Attendance at events, spending time in the cc and being generally friendly are all helpful things to do to ensure your acceptance, but none of which are mandatory. Just be yourself and we'll all know if it works well.

RSN /--------------------/ Date Joined

Posting Format for Leaders

Hi, (insert name)
Welcome to Starless Night Skillers!
Our clan chat is Starless Night.
Please feel free to come in and hang out with us.

The quick find codes for our threads are:
Clan Recruitment QFC: 288-289-643-65786024
Clan Discussion QFC: 90-91-279-65418178

Don't forget to bump recruitment and give us a shout on discussion!

***Please remember our PVP rule which also applies to all minigames.




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*.*.(*..**.;;.**..*).* .*
.*`.*`(.**..*;;`*..**.)`*. *.

Watch this spot for any changes in events or just to see whats going on with the clan.

~Starless Night Skillers is born! October, 10th 2009*
September 15th, 2016 Atomizing Jr Achieves 99 Agility
September 17th, Sternkind Achieves 99 Woodcutting
September 16th, Darkdarren7 Achieves 99 Cooking Fletching Firemaking Mining and Fishing!

If yours is missing please let me know or post it on the forums!

10/15/2015 Yuyut is awarded the Completionist Cape!!!
September 4th, 2016 Kye-lithndor Remaxes!!
September 6th, 2016 Hypollita Remaxes!!
September 6th, 2016 Sns Pt Remaxes!!


Well done!!!! Congrats! *calls to the the Rum Monkeys to bring mugs for all and break out the Rum*


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Events will be decided ahead of time at the clan meetings, and if you wish to plan an event then post on our clan home to start arranging it, and ranked members will point interested people in the right direction.

**** Events Update *****
Next Clan Meeting: at 3 pm ET Clan Meeting at the Citadel Sundays

This is when Events will be selected by the Clan so be sure to arrive to insure your vote is seen!

--Events List--

******************Currently under construction****************


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PVP Policy (written by the Founding Creator Captain Pickles)

So let's talk about all this 'no pvp'. Do we play minigames with pvp, absolutely, but the real question is what you do while playing it. If you wade into castlewars, killing people without a second thought, then this clan isn't for you. You might be a great, charming person, but that doesn't mean we're the right fit.

We're the kind of people that dodge enemies while running flags and building barricades in castle wars, we're the people killing jellies, carrying shards to the obelisk in soul wars, and healing team mates. We're the people hopping walls in stealing creation to avoid ancient magicks, skilling away and hiding in the fog clouds when some uncouth scoundrel assumes you're easy prey.

We love Runescape, we love skilling, and we love to play the game our own way. We spend most of our time grinding away with our true love, but if you were to find us in a pvp game, this is how it'd be. Don't be afraid to mention a pvp game, the words aren't taboo, the spirit of how you play and how you treat others is what really matters.

So if you don't understand, I suggest you sail on your merry way, and if you're thinking hey they're so cool I'll just play along and soak up the glorious cc? Don't count on that either. We won't tolerate selfishness, lying, or ignorant people who think we should bend these rules for them. If you want to be friends with us, then be honest, and pick a clan that suits you. There's a million clans for skillers, pvpers, pvmers, and anything under the sun. But there's only one Starless Night Skillers.


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