The Savage Cabbages wants you!

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We came, we slaw, we conquered...

]The Savage Cabbages is a social RS3 clan where everyone is welcome: non-members, members, veterans, returning players, and noobs. We’ll help you with tasks, quests, and questions. Our clan is a fun place for chatting while learning (or re-learning!) the game.

We hold regular clan events; we’re bossing, playing mini-games, running dungeons, and holding for-fun skilling competitions. We have a friendly, active Discord and voice chat. Our citadel is tier 7 and we're just getting all of the cosmetic upgrades now!.

Our ranking system is based on points you can earn from capping, recruitment, and attending events. These aren't mandatory for membership but always appreciated.

We have moved! Our new forum post is: Quick find code: 290-291-433-66252150
The Savage Cabbages want you to join our clan!

QFC: 290-291-433-66252150

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