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Welcome to RSST - RuneScape Skill Trainers! If you are an adult looking for a place to relax, socialize, and have a laugh while you play the game, you have found the place. We welcome adults of all levels whether they are casual players or every-day enthusiasts. RSST has been an active clan since 2008. We are friendly players who support each other and are always willing to lend a hand.

There are no skill requirements or combat levels to join our clan. We have no clan requirements other than courtesy and respect for others and registration on our off-site forums after enrollment. We are a profanity-free clan and do not tolerate drama. Our clan activities and clan chat are on RS3. If you play OSRS, your participation will be limited.

We maintain a Tier 7 citadel. Gathering resources at the citadel is not required but always appreciated. We hold monthly clan competitions for motivation and fun. We also have planned and spontaneous clan events. Participation is voluntary in all our clan activities. They are a lot of fun, and we always have a great time together.

If you are interested in joining RSST, please read the rules and expectations and then copy and paste your completed application in the reply area and post it. You can contact any of our listed keys (Goldberry, blue kestrel, I_Am_Therick, Mikenificent, or DuncanWRX-2) if you have any questions. Our private chats are always open. We are never too busy to chat, answer questions, and guide new recruits into our clan.

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Rules and Expectations:

1. It is important that you are in clan chat most of the time you are logged into the game. We understand that there are times when you are doing other things, but clan chat is where we can ask/answer questions, provide tips, and get to know each other. Our home world is World 46. It would be great if people would play on that world so that we might bump into them once in a while, and so they can get the bonus from the avatar when he’s visiting.

2. Add all of the “keys” to your friends list to facilitate private messages.

3. Register for our off-site clan forums within 3 days of accepting the clan invitation, check the clan forums regularly, and post at least occasionally. Clan chat and forums are two of the things that come along with being in a clan.

4. Gathering resources at the citadel is a good way to earn xp and helps the clan maintain its Tier 7 Citadel upkeep but is not mandatory. Participation in clan competitions is encouraged and is a fun way to “grind” some of those skills but is voluntary. Try to make some of the events/outings. We’re here to have fun and activities are more enjoyable in a group.

5. No fighting among members and no drama. Treat other members with courtesy, tact, and respect. Any evidence of continuous bickering will be examined and recommendations will be made regarding possible punishment of one or both parties.

6. If you need a break from runescape, then post a temporary leave. Give us some idea of how long you will be gone.

7. We are a profanity-free clan. Jagex rules are still in place even if there is no filter, and, of course, clanmates are expected to follow all Jagex rules.

8. All new applicants (recruits) will be on “probation” for about one month. This is a time for the members to get to know you and for you to determine if our clan is the right fit for you. At the end of the month Council will determine if you should be promoted to full member.

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Game Based:
1) What is your runescape name?
2) How long have you been playing RS?
3) Do you have any set goals in the game?
4) Are you primarily skill or combat oriented?
5) What is your total level?
6) What is your highest skill and its level?
7) Who recruited you to RSST? If no one, how did you find us?:

8) Are you a mature player?
9) What time zone do you live in?
10) What are the most frequent times you are in game?

Clan Based:
11) What other clans have you been a member of?
12) Why are you no longer a member of the clan(s)?
13) How long has it been since you left your last clan?
14) Are you currently a member of any clan, and which one?
15) Have you read the clan rules and expectations?
16) Do you understand that you must be logged into clan chat most of the time you are online?
17) Do you understand that you must register on our off-site clan forums, read them regularly, and post occasionally?
18) Do you understand that we are a profanity-free clan?
19) Are you willing to contribute to the efforts of others?
20) Are you willing to contribute your own tips and hints?
21) What is your favorite thing to do in RS?
22) Anything else you would like for us to know about you?

Copy and paste your application into the "Add Reply" section and post it. This forum is reviewed daily, so check back here for a response.


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