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Clan Chat
: The Iron Disciples
Discord Server:
Official Home World: 64
*Discord is HIGHLY recommended. Voice chat isn't required however we post a lot of updates there.

Welcome to The Iron Disciples

We are a great community driven ironman clan with a vast player base, ranging for new, to very experienced Ironmen. We are always looking for new members experienced or new to join our growing community.

We offer skilling competitions which are very competitive!

We are also running raids regularly within the clan, with very experienced members. We are happy to teach any new members and welcome any other experienced ironmen that wish to join us.

Activity doesn't go unnoticed here and we like to show the members that help drive us forward that we surely appreciate the efforts.

*Note: Applications are NOT required to join the clan, if you simply guest join the cc and ask to join we will be happy to rank you straight away.

18-Oct-2021 14:48:55

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The Iron Disciples Rules

No discrimination or hate slanders
- Banter is encouraged
No botting
- If you're caught botting, this will result in an insta ban from the clan with no warning.

*Anybody breaking the rules will be warned first and if it continues will be removed from the chat.*

Irons Disciples Ranking System

If you would like to join Irons Grotto please feel free to apply here. If you don't want to apply on our forums please just head to our clan chat The Irons Disciples

We encourage joining our discord server as all announcements and clan info will be on there. Also, it's a fun place to share pictures, achievements and interact with the rest of the clan.

If you are still unsure or have any questions please do not hesitate to join the CC and ask :)

Clan Ranks are based off of Clan Points, these are given out via events, xp gained while in clan and any random other events we host.

18-Oct-2021 14:49:17

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