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¸¸,.•°´¯`°•.,¸¸,.•°¨ Astral Turtles ¨°•.,¸¸,.•°´¯`°•.,¸¸

Welcome to Astral Turtles! We are a friendly, no-requirement social clan founded in 2015, created with the vision of bringing all walks of RS3 players together to enjoy the game and make new friends. With a very active Discord + voice chat, it's easy to feel like a part of the Astral Turtles family upon joining :)

Astral Turtles is home to many activities. We do PvM events, minigames, dungeoneering, skilling events, games, raffles, and much more :) Our home world is 88. We have a Tier 7 Citadel with dragon, giving a +6% exp boost outside of citadel.

If you're looking for a clan to make great memories and enjoy the grind that is Runescape with, reach out and join Astral Turtles today!

Join our Discord server to arrange an invite, or reach out in-game by joining "Astral Turtles" clan chat as a guest, or reaching out to one of our contact points from our leadership team listed below. We leave our PM's on. :)

Contact Points:
Owner - Impkiller255
Deputy Owner - sxiu , Juicy Soup , Rokudaiiime
Overseer - Sloppo , Tomam , Papa Pyric , Astral Dom
Coordinator - Leidy , KingTzu , Novascythe

One can find all our rules posted in our Discord server under #clan-rules. We look forward to meeting you!

Astral Turtles - Deputy Owner


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