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If you are looking for a relaxed clan with a T7 citadel, we are perfect for you!

We have been in existance for a very long time! The reason why we survive is that we are a great community where people are welcome whether they are hard-core scapers, people dipping in and out of playing, or people who just like catching up to talk while getting xp!

We are a small clan of around 240 members, but we are international. We have clannies from across the globe... from Aus to the UK; the US to Finland!

We welcome F2P and P2P. We are players with a variety of xp levels from a few members (120 / 200m xp chasing beasts) to members that are just starting out. Some are going for the achievements goal. Some are slayers. Some are farmers. Some are pvmers! We have much to offer in advice for newer players!

We encourage, give advice and, most importantly, laugh alot

We are not a clan that insists that you get x amount of xp a week or attend events. We welcome everybody.

We are not a clan who organises events BUT we are really supportive when any clannie suggests / starts an event! We are not a PVM clan; some of us do boss but we are not a clan that offers regular PVM events.

Our ranking system is pretty simple. You will quickly gain ranks. via time in the clan. You will gain a rank every 2 weeks upto General. To become admin after General, you just need to show enthusiasm and commitment.

We do insist that our members are 18+ yrs.

We will not tolerate racist, sexist, homophobic, religious discrimination in any form. This would be an instant ban. The leaders of this clan (admins included) take no reponsibilty for whatever is discussed. We will ban anybody who breaks the mentioned rules.

If we sound like the laid back clan you'd like to join then please guest in our cc (Laid back Scapers). See if you like us over a 3 day guesting period.


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If you would like to join our lovely community, then guest in the clan!

Say 'hello!' If you don't get a response back immediately then it's because the clannies in the cc are doing their own thing (afk) so try again!

We hope to see you soon!


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