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Looking For A Clan

This thread is intended for use by those looking for a new clan to join. It is intended to replace the older Applicant Introductions thread. The changes made should allow those looking for a clan to properly convey just who they are, and should allow clans to better assess who they'd like to recruit.

Note: You must post using the below format. Not doing so will result in your post being hidden.

If you find a clan could you please edit your post stating so? I can then hide the post and make the thread cleaner for others to navigate. :)

Intro format:

  • RSN to be contacted on:

  • Combat level:

  • Total level:

  • Attack/Strength/Defence/Ranged/Mage/Prayer levels:
  • Of the following, which clan are you looking for: PvP/PvM/Skiller/Social:

  • Which region/timezone are you based in?:

  • Brief introduction:
  • It's helpful for clans to learn about your playing habits/clan history/usual availability etc

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