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What is the Old School Clans section?


Do you fancy a group that quests' together? How about a group that skills with one another? Battles with other clans to claim victory!? Whether it be creating your own clan or joining one, the Old School Clans section is here for you!

This section will house recruitment, discussion, and Clan Diplomacy issues. If you have a question or are seeking advice, please do so in the Old School Advice section of the RuneScape forums.

What types of threads are allowed here?

• Recruitment and Discussion
• Combat, Skilling, Quests, Role-Playing, and Social Clans
• Clan Leader Boards
• War or Peace Declarations

*hat types of threads aren't allowed here?

• Clan Guides or Advice
-- Please use Old School Advice section.
• Buying/Selling/Trading Items
-- Please use Old School Marketplace section.
• Clan Events
-- Contain to your threads.
• Rune Running
-- Please use 'Runes and Ammo' section.

Frequently Asked Questions

• If I have a RuneScape feud with another player, can I make sure my new clan does not allow them to join up?
-- Fighting side by side in a clan war could be the best way to deal with any issues you have with another player. Who is the better fighter and tactician for example :D?

• If I have left a clan, can I suggest to other players that they don’t join it?
-- Although that clan may have not worked out for you, it may be what other players are looking for. Focus on your new clan and make it great so that players want to join!

• I don't like tall people! Can I specify that I only want short people to apply to join my clan?
-- No, you can't specify any real life beliefs or characteristics as a requirement to join your clan.

• Can I create advertisement threads for my clan?
-- No, you cannot create advertisement threads for your clan. That is what the recruitment/discussion thread is for!

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