Legacy 07 120+ PvM [V2]

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Legacy 07
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Legacy 07

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__________________________WELCOME TO LEGACY 07________________________

Clan Chat:
Legacy 07


Main Time Zones:
Eastern US and Western Europe

Clan Worlds:

Cloud Surge • Superz • D Sq • Epiyon • Rro • Arkhayos • G1B • Only Lambs

.:Table of Contents:.

Part 1:
I...... Introduction

Part 2:
II.... Requirements

Part 3:
III... How to Apply

Part 4:
IV... Clan Rules

Part 5:
V.... Discord

Part 6:
VI... Ranking System

Part 7:
VII.. Drop Splits

Part 8:

Our discord can be found at

The Legacy 120+

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Legacy 07
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Legacy 07

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[centre][cyan].:Introduction:.[/cyan][/centre] [ghostwhite]This clan is committed to building a[/ghostwhite] [tomato]friendly community[/tomato] [ghostwhite] of players who love the game of RuneScape and are looking pursue[/ghostwhite] [tomato]end game PvM goals[/tomato]. [ghostwhite]If you enjoy [/ghostwhite][tomato]casual chat, helpful friends, and whole bunch of bossing[/tomato][ghostwhite] then this is the clan for you. In addition to the usual daily bossing trips our clan also participates in frequent [/ghostwhite][tomato]internal and multi-clan events[/tomato] [ghostwhite]offering fun, variety, and the occasional prize (and sometimes even bragging rights). It doesn't matter if you enjoy [/ghostwhite][tomato]casual raiding, efficient speedruns, or even pet hunting[/tomato][ghostwhite] because we have a spot for you among like-minded members. If you meet the requirements listed below [darkorchid]please apply on discord[/darkorchid].[/ghostwhite] [cyan]_________________________________________________________________________[/cyan] [centre][cyan].:Requirements:.[/cyan][/centre] [cyan].:Stats and Levels:.[/cyan] [ghostwhite]- 120+ Combat Level - 1750+ Total Level - 77 Prayer w/ Rigour Unlocked - 90 Range - 94 Mage - 85 Slayer - 70 Agility - 78 Herblore - 50 Chambers of Xeric Killcount[/ghostwhite] [cyan].:Gear:.[/cyan] [tomato]- Elite Void with Melee and Range Helm - Offensive Zenytes (Torture/Anguish/Tormented) - Avernic Defender (Dragon acceptable for otherwise well geared Irons)[/tomato] [green]- Dragon Warhammer - Abyssal Tentacle [b]or [/b]Dragon Hunter Lance [b]or [/b]Scythe of Vitur - Toxic Blowpipe or Bow of Faerdhinen or Twisted Bow - Trident of the Swamp [b]or [/b]Sanguinesti Staff[/green] [ghostwhite]- Barrows Gloves - Berserker Ring (i) - Ava's Assembler - Mage Arena II Cape - Fire Cape [b]or [/b]Infernal Cape - Rune Pouch[/ghostwhite] [cyan]_________________________________________________________________________[ The Legacy 120+

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Legacy 07
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Legacy 07

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.:How to Apply:.

If you meet all our requirements please join the discord and follow the instructions there to be added as a trial member.

Our discord can be found at

.:Trial Period:.

If you are accepted after posting your application you will enter a trial period for up to 2 weeks. To complete your trial you must be an active member of the clan. You can help demonstrate this by posting evidence of activity in the discord channel
, such as boss trips, kill counts, and loot trackers. With sufficient activity you will be ranked up after two weeks or sooner.

The Legacy 120+

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Legacy 07
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Legacy 07

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.:Clan Rules:.

All standard RuneScape rules.

Be friendly, respectful, and help maintain a friendly clan environment. (This includes not pking other clan members unless you have their permission to do so.)

Part of maintaining a friendly environment is immediately ceasing a conversation once it begins to disrupt the peace. If an officer requests that you drop a conversation please do so immediately or risk being timed-out from the cc.

All large PvM drops must be split evenly between all members unless a different arrangement has been established and approved by all members of the party.

Tanks at Bandos and Zamorak God War Dungeon are entitled to Godsword Shards, Bandos boots, and Steam Battlestaff drops. The tank may CHOOSE to split these items.

Non-clan members may be invited to (but not organize) trips with members only if all attending members approve. The member who invited the non-member will be held responsible for the actions of the non-member.

If someone unwillingly leaves a PvM trip (e.g. dies) they are entitled to receive their normal split of any large loot drops for a short time (5 to 15 minutes) after their death. Disputes over this rule will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Turning up uninvited to a trip is not allowed, we consider this crashing. If you show up to a trip that you were not originally a part of and you attack the boss, you are not eligible for a split.

No excessive staking talk.

You are expected to be a member of only this clan. Rare exceptions are made for certain PvP, Ironman, or skilling/achievement focused clans, please ask if you have any questions.
The Legacy 120+

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Legacy 07
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Legacy 07

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.:The Legacy Discord:.

Joining our discord server is a necessary part of applying to and being involved with the clan.

The Discord server is used to...

- Announce events and clan updates
- Catalog splits for rank ups
- Share bossing setups and advice (like inferno help!)
- Discuss Runescape and other games
- Get to know your fellow clan members
- Hang out on voice chat

Participating on our server is a crucial part of maximizing your clan experience, don't miss out!

Our discord can be found at
or by browsing to

The Legacy 120+

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Legacy 07
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Legacy 07

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.: Ranking System:.

While we do our best to keep this info updated, the most accurate rank up info is on discord

Trial Member (smiley):
Trial members in their first 2 weeks with the clan.

Recruit (1 banana):
Members who have completed their trial period.

Corporal (2 banana):
Must have been Recruit for at least 30 days.
Split 250M in your name with at least 1 clan member present.
One of the following additional Gear Requirements:
· Bandos Chestplate + Bandos Tassets AND Armadyl Chestplate + Armadyl Chainskirt
· Scythe of Vitur
· Twisted Bow

Sergeant (3 banana):
Must have been Corporal for at least 30 days.
Split 1b in your name.
One of the following additional Gear Requirements:
· Full Ancestral (hat + top + bottom) AND Sanguinesti staff
· Scythe of Vitur
· Twisted Bow

Lieutenant aka Legacy Elite (Bronze star):
Must have been Sergeant for at least 30 days.
Split 2b in your name.
Additional Gear Requirements:
· All multi-piece gear mentioned above (full bandos, arma, ancestral, and sanguinesti)
· Both of the following two items:
Scythe of Vitur
Twisted Bow
Demonstrate strong character by proving yourself trustworthy, taking initiative to help others in the clan, and displaying maturity in all matters.
Completion of a PvM/account “diary” checklist that shows sufficient experience with most of the end-game content available. See discord for details.

Captain aka Junior Staff (Silver star):
Reserved for members of the Legacy Staff.
This position cannot be applied for, members displaying appropriate qualities will be asked about their interest in joining the staff.

General aka Senior Staff (Gold star):
Internal staff promotions only.
The Legacy 120+

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.: Drop Split Process:.

Congratulations on your drop! Read on for the rules regarding splitting the loot with other clan members.

Splitting drops is important for a few reasons:

- It rewards all members for the contribution to the trip.
- It is a way for you to demonstrate that you are trustworthy.
- If you agreed to split drops and then proceed not to do so you will be placed on Runewatch and be blacklisted from our clan and many others.

.:Weird Scenarios:.

There are two different scenarios that change how the drop should be split.

If a clan member leaves voluntarily. In order to be entitled to a split they must have participated in the kill in which the drop was received.

If a clan member dies or leaves involuntarily. They would qualify for a full split a short time after. Disputes are resolved on a case-by-case basis.

.:Required Splits:.

Every item is split unless agreed on beforehand by the members involved. Some people doing CoX and ToB prefer to FFA Arcane prayer scrolls, Bulwarks, and cheaper Justiciar pieces. This has to be agreed on before the drop happens. At Corp, every drop except for Sigils and Onyx Bolts (e) are generally FFA unless agreed upon.


Ironmen are encouraged to split items at CoX, ToB and NoA. However, if an Ironmen doesn't have a main with cash they must make it clear before any drop or trip that they are FFA. If an Ironman gets a dupe it is expected to drop over and split. Ironmen are strongly encouraged to have a main/alt account in order to both receive and pay out splits.

The Legacy 120+

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- Why hasn't my application been accepted yet?

~ Only Star Rank members can review and accept applications and one may not always be available. However we pride ourselves on attempting to process applications as soon as possible.

- Why was my application declined?

~ You may not have the requirements or we may feel you just are not a right fit for the clan. Feel free to apply again.

- Why haven't I been ranked up yet?

~ We do promotions using a split value based system. On the discord you will be able to post your split items in the 'splits' channel. Once you reach a rank-up threshold staff will generally contact you with next steps, but you should be aware of your progress and reach out if this doesn't happen.

- Can I lead my own events?

~ All clan members can organize and attend PvM trips. Any clan member may request to host a planned event on the discord and have their event added to the events calendar. Staff are encouraged to organize official clan events regularly.

- What's bumping?

~ Bumping is posting in a forum thread with the intention of putting it on the front page. This puts our thread higher up in the Oldschool Clan list and makes it more likely for new members to find our thread and apply. Please do not bump the thread more than once every 10 minutes.

Suggestions for more FAQ?

Contact the Staff to suggest it!

The Legacy 120+

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