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Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Indeed! Yeah, we still get white or yellow gem prizes mostly, but still even those are prizes we actually like, so that's cool.

I noticed today the oddments store is selling TH keys at 50% off, so 225 oddments each.
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14-Mar-2020 07:31:47

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It is not too bad better than the see-through jars thingie. However, I still prefer Loot Deul since I can get up to 10x the items with it. With Diamond Frozen, I always only get 1x the prize.

16-Mar-2020 16:39:00

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Deltaslug said:
tbh, kinda stunned they used the tradeable versions of notepaper, springs, and silverhawks for this.

I'd agree - this certainly impacts these markets. I expect the dip in price to be a temporary effect.

I imagine they intentionally wanted to make these items obtainable to increase the average value of keys from this promotion. I'd imagine this promotion was fairly successful, and will be back.
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17-Mar-2020 13:28:45



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Do the tradeable versions and anyone (f2p and p2p, that aren't IM) can sell off the springs/notepaper/feathers if they have no use for them and get GP … but risk a short term effect on the market.

Do the untradeable versions and not have an immediate effect on the market, but reduce the overall usability (F2P can't even use them, let alone sell them … down is only useful if you plan to train agility … springs are really only useful if you do combat … enchanted notepaper does have some versatility, but you do have some skills with easy access to notary services, banking options, you are likely to alch or use some "cleaner" on a drop, or for some players just use the pack yak scroll spec)

20-Mar-2020 17:51:23

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