Lost xp Tracker

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Jun Member 2006


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Since the Ninja team did something to 'Action Bars' I gained all sorts of windows which I could do nothing with. Having posted on 'recent game update' I did mange to get rid of them!


The xp Tracker vanished and is not 'available' as in there is not a simple button to press/tick to display the xp Tracker.

I use the tracker mainly to see how much xp it takes to get (not get ) strange rocks.

04-Sep-2021 08:28:13

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Prinzest said:
Well its been some time since I posted this. Please is there an answer.

not sure about that tracker. :o

I too had a few issues getting rid of superfluous bars n such.
thankfully my xp tracker was still there as I did not notice the tic box being where I could fond it.

sure hope someone will notice this and tell you where it is at now.

19-Oct-2021 04:19:16

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