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Hi there.

I usually never post anything on any forum ever, but I'm really pissed off right now. I recently started playing Group ironman with 2 good friends of mine. One of them (IGN: ironlernia) got banned a couple of days ago for ''macroing''. He has never done anything that would be even close to rule breaking, so he applied for a bann appeal. This however, was denied.

He has been playing alot in the last couple of weeks, but hasn't used any illegal software or botting program. This infuriates me, as we were all kind of in the same progression phase and were planning on doing things together in the future. Now he has to start all over again with over 3 days played game time lost + membership. This makes all 3 of us question if we want to keep playing. He might start over and just get banned again for no reason.

Could you please look into this? I'm 100% sure he hasn't done anything rule-breaking, and we really want to keep going.


Kind regards,

(IGN: Conquerlul)

22-Oct-2021 10:53:56

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