New Card on Premier Acct?

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I'm usual. :P

I've looked on the FAQ page and cannot find the specific issue and I reeeaallly don't want to mess this up.

The payment on file has become null and void and I need to replace whatever it may be that I replace it with. I do have Premier Club AND I'm grandfathered on the monthlies. The card on file is for other purchases in game.

Sooo, how do I change that on the account page? It says to,
"Using a new credit/debit card to purchase a subscription will automatically cancel any active membership subscriptions on your account."

I don't want to cancel just change payment forms. Anyone with specifics please?

Thank ye very kindly in advance. :D

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Hi there
Cleanup on 5

There used to be a process to just change the expiry date when an old card expired and a new card was received however Jagex removed that and, now, the only way to set a new card is to make a purchase.

When you are not on Premier Club, you must have an ongoing subscription sitting there that the account returns to at the end of Premier Club.
That is the subscription you need to make a purchase on, even if you only buy one month.
Jagex will take the payment straight away to confirm the new card and your paid for membership will extend further into the future.

If you don't have a recurring subscription sitting there in the background and have been running Premier Club for years, just wait until the next Premier Club goes on sale and use the new card then.

As far as other purchases go e.g. Bonds, Keys etc. just use the new card next purchase and have the "remember my card for next time" box ticked.
This should override the previous card.
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