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Jul Member 2021


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So right now i bought a year membership on steam and i was so excited to have a Star next to my name and i went in game and i found nothing is next to my name tried using tokens and then trying nothing , tried enabling chat badge it says you must be a premier club gold member in order to enable the vip chat badge , world 52 i can't go it , what do i do ? like seriously did i just throw all this money away? i don't care about the amount of memberships you guys will give me all i care about is having the star next to my name nothing more nothing less
I have not used a single thing other than the active premier club tokens cause i though this will unlock my badge other than that i haven't used any keys or anything haven't even done any activity so you can make sure i'm not using my account and taking advantage of the year membership , and i'm scared to refund it on steam so jagex doesn't ban my account thinking i'm scamming them or something so what should i do in general?

07-Oct-2021 02:11:17

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