2nd attempt to get my 3 bonds.

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Soooo I tried everything the last dude said about checking mobile payment page thing I checked me email got a confirmation but it didn't say the name of the account it went to. I only have one fully made character on that email I use that's linked to the card n all. I checked the message board annnnd for some reason u guys sent me a message saying u received my order for my subscription and updated payment info.....I didn't order a subscription I ordered 3 bonds....and it told me if I wanted to cancel I would have to go through my I'm worried I'm going to get charged auto renewal on a subscription I never signed up for..... Annnnd just to add to this that right after I bought the 3 bonds for my account and I seen they didn't go through I tried buying 1 bond and that 1 went through no problem....I did it all from the in game tab when u click it and it pulls up the website

06-Oct-2021 05:43:15

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