Didn't receive what I ordered.

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So I ordered 3 bonds and I have the receipt with the purchase order number and everything. It did take the money from my bank account and I never received the bonds and when I went to rebuy the bonds again it gives me a message that says error you already purchased this item and we will refund within 3 days.....I don't want a refund I just want my bonds. There not in my bank inventory or the little wrench tab under bonds. They aren't anywhere please help

04-Oct-2021 05:52:49

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Hi there

Did you buy directly from the website here or through a mobile app?

If you bought directly from the website here, there will be a confirmation message in the 'Messages' tab on your account.
If there is no message about the purchase, check any other accounts you own and check the email you received from Jagex about the purchase.
The email will tell you what account the purchase was made for.

If you purchased through a mobile app, check the troubleshooting points under "Membership / Item not added to account" on the Common Mobile Payment Issues support page.
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04-Oct-2021 10:21:43

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