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I have only one account, on which I've been subscribed 1 month recurring for a while. Octobers payment was successful according to my payment company statement. Runescape did not send either a success or failure message to my inbox for the October payment, and my membership expired 3 days after the rebill date. Runescape MyAccount page says "attempting payment" and "update card details to continue membership" - selecting this leads to a billing page which says I currently have an active subscription (although the rebill date shown is now a few days ago - also as said above, the payment was successfully taken on this date).

The closest support page I could find for this is the "Bought membership on wrong account", since I have paid and now do not have membership on this account, but but that isn't really appropriate.

09-Oct-2021 20:39:02

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Hi there

Has your card expired and you have recently been issued a new card with a new expiry date?
If so, you would need to set up a new recurring membership with the new card.

Check your bank account again as the payment to Jagex may have been deleted.
You may have been looking at the pre-authorisation hold of the payment which then didn't complete.

It sounds like you do need to set up a new recurring subscription if you want to continue membership.
If you do that and a few days later you can see that there are still two payments sitting there you can message Billing Support via the 'Contact Us' button on the Refunds support page and get them to check the payments for your account.
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09-Oct-2021 23:54:44

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