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I have 1 year membership but over the past year I keep getting £15 took out of my bank account, I keep forgetting to look into it... I've gone into my payments section on my account and can't work out what I've been paying for...

How do I contact payment support?

18-Oct-2021 13:18:25

Mod Alex S

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You'll find a list of options here where you can submit a ticket to Player Support and we'll handle your request.

Response times are slightly longer than normal ( ~ 4 days at the moment) as we received exceptionally high contact when Group Ironman was released in OSRS

18-Oct-2021 13:23:13

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Hey, there's a few places you can try to work out the issue:
Cancel subscription - click 'Locate your subscription' to view payments for x card
Refunds - Contact Jagex support if you believe they have charged you for unused items
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18-Oct-2021 13:25:35

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Hi Marbian

You have gotten some relevant responses already, though I have gone ahead and moved your thread to the appropriate section in case you happen to have further questions or require any clarifications.

All the best!

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18-Oct-2021 21:08:30

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Having issues too, they can't get the expire date right on my card. The banks states they showing year 22 but I put in 24. Email has been sent with no results. Would love to find a human to help with this Having problems renewing members. It's the expire date , the bank says they r saying they have wrong date, I have tried several times, , even through email I have told jag ex the problems, but I'm not getting any help. I have to prove I'm human , hint jag ex! Membership 2010, would love help

04-Nov-2021 09:41:37

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Hi there

Just try setting up a new payment subscription with the correct expiry date.
The new subscription will auto-cancel the previous subscription.

If you still want to contact Billing Support, use the 'Contact Us' button on the Common Credit Card Issues support page to navigate to a message form.
All contacts to Billing Support need to be done through the webforms and cannot be done by email.
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04-Nov-2021 22:42:01

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