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Hey guys,

It gives me great pleasure to announce our winners of the Design Your Own Arc Island competition. We had loads of fantastic entries, and the whole team enjoyed reading through your creative efforts - so well done everyone!

Winner - Zent1ence

We loved the simplicity of the art and design as well as the creative idea behind the island's mechanics. Well done!

(click the link to see it)

Runner-up - Captious - Xuanbin and Douzhu

We loved the thematic extension to the Arc from Captious, as well as the art style. We could almost feel like we were there!

Check it out here.

Finalist - Lelouch Vi B - Isle of Drowning Mists

We loved the concept for this minigame-inspired Arc Island. Great job! Read the description below (no image for this one).

Arriving at the island, you find yourself on a dock with a small shack nearby. In the shack is an character only referred to as the Blind Sage. He is blind. He tells you of the island you have visited and its legends. It is an island of yet to be determined size. The island entirely consists of dense jungle, engulfed in an ominous thick mist. The sage warns that men who venture into the mist rarely return, and the ones who do rarely come back to the island again. After asking what happens to them, the sage describes to you the legend of the island.

The mist is not natural; it is a spirit, malevolent and wrathful, that tortures all who enter. The sage tells you that if you wish to know any more, you’ll have to find it out for yourself. He hands you a Blessed Seal for you to wear so you can enter the Jungle. You may not take food, potions, armor or weapons into the Mist. You do not naturally recover health in the Mist.

This island is a sort of mini-game. It’s like a horror mix of Pyramid Plunder and Temple Trekking.

Upon entering the mist, the player will enter a jungle area where most of their screen is blurred out by the mist. the player can only see a few spaces around them. they explore around the area, finding loot in the form of resources and journals left by past adventurers that offer more story. They will then find a spot where they can move on from this area to the next. Each area they visit is randomly generated and they can continue to venture through the jungle collecting loot until they choose to leave or are forced to leave.

While the player is in the Mist, aggressive mobs (Shadow Beasts) can spawn and hunt the player, however these mobs can also only see players while they are within a few spaces. The mobs do minor damage but it stacks over time due to no recovery. Players can attack the mobs, but this will deal no damage. instead, the mob will scatter into a cloud of mist and reappear somewhere else in the area. This will cause that mob to no longer target the player until they come within view again.

The player is also being hunted while here. While in the Mist, a Spirit will attempt to find the player, and if caught, the player will lose all their loot and be thrown out of the jungle. The further you get into the jungle, the faster the spirit finds you and the harder it is to get away. I was thinking the spirit should move just slightly slower than player run speed, so it can be outrun, but once your sprint runs out, it starts catching up.

If a player is caught by the spirit or dies from mobs or environmental hazards, they are kicked out and lose the loot they collected. At any time a player may use their Blessed Seal to escape the Jungle with their loot. Players cannot use the Seal if Mobs are hunting them or the spirit has found them and is chasing them. (not matter how far you get into the jungle, the spirit will always wait 5 seconds before finding you, so you have time to get out.) Once the Spirit finds you in an area, you cannot lose it. You must find the entrance to the next area to escape.

In additionto resources and lore, players can find Desecrated Seals (Blessed Seals from past adventurers who have been caught and killed by the spirit). These can be brought back to the Blind sage and used as currency to purchase rewards.

Rewards for the Seals can range from rare materials, to experience, to perks that help in the mist, like increased view distance in the jungle, or reduced mob damage. Cosmetic rewards would also be available.

This idea took inspiration from both the Pyramid Plunder and Temple Trekking mini-games, as well as the Slenderman games that involve collecting pages while he stalks you, and the more you find, the faster he gets. Also the inspiration for the shadow mobs came from Don’t Starve, a survival game in which you have a sanity meter, and if it gets too low, shadow beings spawn and they attack you, if you attack them, they vanish in a cloud of shadow and reappear somewhere else nearby.

Zent1ence wins the life-sized Mizuyari as well as three months' membership, whilst our two finalists each receive a Bond and one month's membership. Thanks again to all those who entered - we loved all of them!
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Denlim Wolf said:
These entries are the reason why I don't bother.. my ideas aren't that great.

Greatness lies not in those that won, but in those that tried, failed, got up ... and tried again.

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Lelouch Vi B
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Lelouch Vi B

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I did not believe I would actually be a finalist.

Being an avid suggestion forum user for years, I have posted more than my fair share of ideas for the game, but none of them ever seemed to make it to anyone's ears at Jagex.

It feels incredible to see something of mine actually made it so far, and be received with such praise.

Thank you.
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Warnings for those less astute!

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Lelouch Vi B said:
I did not believe I would actually be a finalist.

Being an avid suggestion forum user for years, I have posted more than my fair share of ideas for the game, but none of them ever seemed to make it to anyone's ears at Jagex.

It feels incredible to see something of mine actually made it so far, and be received with such praise.

Thank you.

Your idea sounds awesome!

Congratulations to all the winners for their great ideas!

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